Defeating Your Style Slump

Style Slump

Victoria s Secret loose sweater
£40 –

Converse flat shoes

Rolex diamond jewellery
£14,390 –

Kenneth Cole seashell jewelry
£34 –

Bajra fringe shawl
£305 –


So, we’ve all had one of those days – you have at least 10 things to do outside, however, any inspiration you were previously greeted with upon opening your wardrobe doors has well and truly been zapped away. Moments like this are where the ensemble we shall name “fail safe” strides in. Skinny jeans are in closets everywhere and should most definitely be used at this junction. A staple pair of skinny fit jeans should be made from a material that allows a bit of give, whilst still hugging your body. A basic jean goes with almost anything and if you’re feeling solemn or sleepy you don’t want to be prancing around in something too revealing. A floaty top will balance out the tightness of the bottom half and allow for comfort throughout the day.

Using simple but eye-catching accessories that come from the same colour pallet deceives the eye into thinking that more thought has gone into an outfit than it probably has. A scarf is a great option to wear when tired as it can be doubled up as a shrug, eye mask and pillow – fashion ingenuity at it’s finest.

Need some wardrobe inspiration for spring?


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