Work Wear

Work Wear

Pinko yellow pants

Ippolita band ring
£1,175 –

Work wear

So here’s the challenge, you wear your own clothes to work and need something smart enough to be taken seriously, but stylish enough to avoid looking like a matron. Raise a hand to the sky as your prayers to the Gods of fashion have been answered.

A blazer is going to add a sense of authority to many outfits, but works especially well with court shoes and structured trousers. By adding a splash of block colouring you keep the tone of the outfit vibrant and fresh, without losing any structure of the look. Team with elegant jewlery to avoid looking like you’re on a power trip, and to express individual identity. The secret is to keep it minimal enough for work, but light-hearted enough to appear approachable.

To top it off, no career lady would feel complete without her watch and large tote. As organised as it appears on the outside, totes are big enough to hide a multitude of sins, (yes ladies, including those diaries that have died from sticky note smothering) and unfinished paperwork. Adding a watch provides a professional touch, and ensures your day of meetings, coffees, interviews and possibly more coffees runs smoothly.


How about some inspiration for when you’re in a style slump?


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