Skin Care From Around The Globe

Skin Care From Around The Globe

Wash face, cleanse, moisturise, bed (perhaps with some exfoliation thrown in for good measure mid week). Does this sound familiar? We all have our favorite, ubiquitous skin care routines that work best for us. Try swapping your faithful shine diminishing facial soap that has been keeping the shine devils at bay for many years under the harshest of lights, with your friends moisture packed, ultra hydrating face mask and you may have a problem.

A quick look at beauty regimes from around the world springs up some quite amazing differences. Factors such as weather and lifestyle affect the type of care our skin needs to keep us looking and feeling our best. However, despite the mixture of recipes, secrets and tips, constant factors such as maintaining a youthful appearance and a radiant finish always remain a priority the world over.

Here is a quick glance at popular beauty methods from around the globe.


Moscow-based lifestyle journalist Arina Holod says: “Everyone here is pretty much obsessed with the way they look, and tries to take good care of their skin, to moisturise in the summer and nourish in the winter.

“On average, women of different ages see a dermatologist or a beautician at least six times a year. Younger girls go in for a professional skin cleansing, while older women would rather have mesotherapy, laser treatments, microdelivery peel and, yes, Botox.”

Mesotherapy has become increasingly popular in recent years and was originally used to treat the affects of ageing by use of small injections. However, since 2012 the mixture containing conventional or homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids can now be placed in a small podlet which is used on the face via a facial steamer. Opinions on this treatment vary greatly, so always conduct your own research before investing in any cosmetic treatment.


According to Shanghai-based fashion and lifestyle writer Effy Fay , Asian ladies hate tan. she says “during the summertime, skin whitening and sun block are the most essential skincare.”

In a beauty culture in favour of a natural appearance when it comes to skin tone, less is better. Fay says: “In order to have a nice skin tone, first things first: enjoy beauty sleep. If you can’t afford a luxury-sleeping schedule, Asian women welcome BB or CC (and soon DD) creams due to their lighter coverage. They give a natural look as well as having a lazy, user-friendly nature.”

For those of you that like a more enhanced make-up look, CC and BB creams can either be mixed in to your usual foundation, or simply provide a good base coverage for powders and foundations to be layered on top.


The UN development programme estimates that around three million African women work with Shea nuts and butter in some capacity. Therefore, it is not surprising that for centuries the beauty butter has been hailed “womens gold”.

The ultra moisturising formula comes from the nuts of the African karité trees in the Sahel region. Packed with vitamins A and E Shea butter is usually quite a thick consistency. As your skin needs just as much moisture in the Summer to stop the harsh rays from from drying it out as it does in the Winter when battling the cold, perhaps opt for a spray on formula during the hotter months to prevent you from feeling sticky or clammy.


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