Taking Time Out

With work, chores, deadlines and dates all stacked up in our increasingly busy diaries, it can be difficult to press pause, but finding that little button and stopping the clock every now and then is exactly what is needed in order to propel yourself forward in the most positively dazzling way.

For the longest time, (since I was around 14 in fact) I’ve practiced yoga and meditation. I’m certainly not a pro on the beautiful poses that fill  my Instagram feed, however, the two practices really help me focus on what’s important and my own mental health.

When you think about it, it’s quite ironic that we’ll consciously choose food and drink full of antioxidants and health benefits in the name of keeping our bodies healthy, we’ll buy lotions and potions to keep our skin in the best condition, but rarely do we put the same energy into keeping our minds healthy, and isn’t our mind the most important of all?

I’ve tried various methods of winding down after a particularly busy day or week, but one that I’ve found to be super helpful and so easy to fit into my daily schedule is an app called “Headspace“.

If you’re new to Headspace, the best place to start is with the free 10 day guided meditation sessions – and you know what? Despite having the app for much longer than 10 days, I still go back to day number two, whenever I have a spare 10 minutes, which lets face it, we all do most days…

Typically I’d use Headspace before I get up in the morning, or before I go to bed. However, today I realised just how convenient the 10 minute sessions actually are.

Having just primed my face, I was milling around waiting for the primer to set, before applying my Bb cream (a possible Face of The day post to come, as this stuff is a dream) Anyway, whilst pottering I realised that this was the perfect moment to whip out my phone and do a “Take 10” session. If you’ve never meditated before, or even just taken some time out to clear your mind, free from a phone, laptop or other distraction, it may be difficult to imagine the benefits. However, I’m so grateful for this little app. In just 10 minutes I’d gathered my thoughts and collected myself ready to seize the day. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t feeling particularly anxious, stressed or even busy this morning, in fact I’d say I was feeling dandy, but that’s the beauty of meditation, even when you’re feeling as fresh as a daisy, you’d be surprised at what a few minutes of checking in with yourself can do.

Some of my other favorite ways to relax include

  • Bath time with Herbal Essence’s Muscle Soak bath salts
  • Sipping a freshly brewed tea whilst gazing out of the window or reading a good book
  • Face masks, cucumbers on the eyes and soothing music
  • Eating pizza with the cat 🙂

What are yours?


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